Sale of TABI-Based Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) System

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Calgary, May 30, 2012 – ITRES is pleased to announce that we have our first sale of the new Search and Rescue (SAR) option for the TABI-1800 (Thermal Airborne Broadband Imager). The first system is scheduled to be delivered in July to a SAR organization based on the strength of the demonstrated capabilities of the TABI.

Introduced in 2011, the core of this system is the patented, high spatial/thermal resolution pushframe TABI-1800 imager. This sensor has already proven its worth for wildfire and hotspot mapping as well as urban heat loss mapping applications. Steven Mah, Vice President of Business Development at ITRES explains:

“We’ve been contracted by the Alberta Government for a second year to provide our IR mapping services. On the heat-loss side, TABI project data collected over the winter…

in Italy and Austria for commercial and research clients have demonstrated the capability of the TABI to detect and evaluate buried infrastructure as well as building heat loss. The TABI also received some great exposure from the Discovery Channel last summer. They aired a news story that featured our rapid response fire mapping work over one of the biggest wildfires in the province’s history. Now with this most recent SAR sale, we’re on our way to realizing one of our main targeted uses for this system.”

Use of the TABI for emergency response, search and rescue, and target detection is accomplished through the use of specialized controller software and real-time thermal anomaly detection routines and anomaly geotagging. A simplified software interface ensures that the system can be used by novice users, with the system automatically detecting and geotagging targets based on small differences in temperature from their background. A moving map is used to show the location of the aircraft in real-time, along with thermal anomalies identified both audibly and visually.


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About North Slope Borough Search and Rescue

The borough encompasses a wide swath of land forming the northernmost region of Alaska, bounded to the south by the Brooks Mountain Range and to the north by the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. The community of Barrow forms the economic, transportation, and administrative center for the region. With a small population of nearly 8,000 people spread over an area of 245,000 km2 (~95,000 miles2) and seven villages, the borough’s Search and Rescue (SAR) department’s mission is to increase the safety of all residents. SAR provides rapid and reliable airborne 24/7 response to medevac needs as well as search and rescue for lost, overdue, missing, or injured traveler(s).

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