TABI-1800 on Discovery Channel

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Calgary, September 6, 2011 – The application this past Spring of the TABI-1800 thermal imager towards fighting one of that province’s largest-ever wildfires has not gone unnoticed. The Discovery Channel’s science news show, Daily Planet, spent time with fire crews and ITRES during their work in the field in preparation for a recently-aired segment on the nationally-broadcast network.

Aired Tuesday, August 30th, a Daily Planet episode segment entitled, “Hotspot Hunters”, looked at the high-tech and low-tech ways that fire perimeters and hot spots were being mapped in battling a huge, fast-moving wildfire in Northern Alberta.

The story features the use of the TABI-1800 as it provided fire crews with a timely “birds-eye view” of the fire, both during active suppression efforts as well as during post-fire hot spot mop-up operations. Field-generated analysis products were used to precisely direct ground crews to hot spot locations, typically with 1m positional accuracy. Hot spots can be difficult to detect through other means, and can remain burning for up to a year, at depths of 2m underground.

You can view this 5 minute, flash-based segment online on the Discovery Channel website at:


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