Hyperspectral and Thermal Surveys Across All Seven Continents

Since 1996, ITRES has successfully conducted airborne mapping surveys using our hyperspectral and thermal imaging technologies over every continent. This includes Antarctica’s first airborne hyperspectral survey, conducted in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey and DRDC Suffield.

ITRES flight crew during aircraft engine run-up prior to take-off: Part of a high altitude hyperspectral survey over Chilean Andes.

Airborne Hyperspectral Survey Planning

The ITRES Operations Group will work closely with you to deliver the hyperspectral or thermal data products you need, when you need them.

We look after all aspects of the project, from mission planning, sensor and aircraft mobilization, airborne data collection, coincident ground data collection, data pre-processing, and analysis.

We just need some basic information to provide you with a hyperspectral or thermal survey quote:

  • Where and when you’d like us to collect data;
  • What type of data (hyperspectral, broadband, what spectrum or imager)1;
  • The desired pixel spatial resolution;
  • Do you need the data in units of reflectance?
  • Whether you’d like us to deliver any analysis-derived products, or just the data.

1 Alternatively, let us know your project goal and we can advise you on the type of data to suit.

It’s worthwhile remembering that like all airborne imaging surveys, economies of scale apply. Acquisition mobilization costsĀ (getting the crew, equipment, and aircraft to the field site) are fixed. This means that the larger the total ground area to be imaged is, the lower the per-line kilometer (or line mile) cost will be.

ITRES Mapping Product Examples

Based on the goals of your project, we can help you select which one of our three standard level products will best suit your needs. We then look after all aspects of the hyperspectral survey from mission planning, aircraft and sensor mobilization, global airborne and ground data collection, and standard processing.

Pre-Processed Imagery Product Example: Single CASI flight line, radiometrically- and geometrically-corrected using RCX and GCSS.

Lidar Integration Product Example: Hyperspectral CASI drape over ALTM 3100 Lidar, false color RGB display

Analysis-Derived Product Example: Agricultural product, from atmospherically-corrected hyperspectral VNIR CASI data


Wetland Icon


NCDOT highway corridor mapping uses hyperspectral imagery from ITRES and fused Lidar data to delineate sensitive wetlands


Large-scale hyperspectral mapping of Mobile Bay coastal vegetation communities for analysis & classification

Forestry Icon


Stem counts, density, crown closure, and health using hyperspectral CASI


Routine fusing of ITRES hyperspectral data with Lidar and Ifsar


Multiple spectral region approach to land mine detection using CASI and SASI


Using hyperspectral to identify and map Purple Loosestrife communities in Michigan

Warranty & Technical Support

ITRES’ standard warranty and support coverage gives you peace of mind for your sensor purchase.