Remote Operation Capability


U10048-02 Remote Operation

Remote Operation Capability


RF Based Hyperspectral Acquisition Command
and Control

Flexible, UAV-Compatible Hyperspectral Imaging

With the introduction of remote radio frequency (RF) down-link capability, ITRES again pushes the operational capabilities of commercial airborne hyperspectral mapping to a new frontier. Real-time ground-based control and monitoring of hyperspectral IR mapping imagery acquired using an Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) or small personal aircraft is available, without the need for an on-board operator.

Remote Operation Explained


A new miniaturized Instrument Control Unit, custom readout system, and down-link hardware/software system utilizing TCP/IP-based protocols makes this possible. The system is flexible, in that it can be used with any existing TCP-compatible RF downlink system.


RF Control Modes

  1. Full remote control plus full data download and archiving
  2. Full remote control plus real-time visual download (1-3 bands)
  3. Blind remote control