microCASI all-in-one sensor head.

microCASI First Light Images (Raw)

The first images captured by the ITRES microCASI hyperspectral VNIR imager were taken in the in November. We are very happy with the initial results. The system’s new internal real-time calibration systems have produced sharp and clear imagery, a few examples of which are shown below.

This dataset was acquired manually by imaging our parking lot using the sensor head on a simple rotating platform. The full 288 band by 1920 across-track imaging pixel  data cube was recorded to the unit’s high capacity, high throughput solid state drive. No processing (radiometric nor geometric processing) has been performed on the examples shown, although the data from our new micro imager line works seamlessly with the long-proven and robust RCX and GCSS workflows used with our Scientific Grade imagers.

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What is the microCASI?

The microCASI-1920 is a commercial-grade hyperspectral visible near infrared (VNIR) imager with a small form factor. This all-in-one unit has been designed both for use in UAVs as well as tabletop use for industrial imaging. Like its larger high-performance sibling the CASI-1500h, the microCASI also accepts inputs from an optional GNSS inertial system, can be equipped with custom fore-optics, offers easy Lidar integration, and works with the ITRES In-flight Processing System (IPS).