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Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey and ITRES taking ground measurements of glacial ice near Rothera Research Station

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TABI-1800 on Discovery Channel

"We're going to go in there and find any of the spots that haven't been put out."

− Wildfire fighter

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“Hotspot Hunters” aired August 30, 2011 on Discovery Channel’s Discovery Planet.

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Emergency Response with the TSR-1800

  • Designed for use over water or tundra
  • Automated thermal anomaly detection and geotagging
  • Moving map
  • Near real-time geocorrection
  • Adjustable sensitivity

TSR-1800 SAR Search Screen Web Sliderweb

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Corporate Overview

ITRES: Innovative Technology and Excellence in Science

Other Videos of Interest

TABI-1800 Heat Loss Commercial Application

Presented at GEOBIA 2012.

Geospatial object-based mosaicing of high-resolution thermal airborne imagery (TABI 1800) to improve roof shape and thermal statistics


M. M. Rahman(a), G. J. Hay(a), B. Hemachandran(a), S. Mah(b) and A. Tam(b)
(a) Foothills Facility for Remote Sensing and GIScience, Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada
(b) ITRES Research Limited, Canada

TABI-1800 Project in Ukraine

(Ukrainian language presentation)

Helicopter-based TABI-1800 project conducted in Kiev, Ukraine.

Broadcast February 4, 2015.