Forestry and Hyperspectral



Forestry and Hyperspectral: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

120,000 Hectares of Forest Covered Hyperspectrally

The ITRES Applications Group has acquired, processed, and delivered high resolution hyperspectral image map and database products for over 120,000 hectares of commercially forested lands. In collaboration with the British Columbia Ministry of Forests (funding by FRBC) we have developed robust and proven proprietary image analysis procedures and production workflows incorporating ENVI/IDL that optimize the strengths of our sensors – including their flexible spectral and spatial resolutions, wavelength region coverage, high signal-to-noise characteristics, and geometric precision.

Operational Flexibility

Our map and database products have been used by operational commercial and government foresters since 1995. The physics-based algorithmic approach to analysis that we use incorporates neural network and texture analysis, and is resistant to variable illumination, atmospheric, and seasonal conditions, greatly extending our operational data acquisition window. This, in addition to using our wide-array imagers such as the CASI-1500 (1500 pixel swath), enables us to image more ground, faster, and more economically than our competitors.



Counting Using CASI Under Complex Illumination


Project Details

  • Stem Counts and
  • Density for Stocking &
  • Regeneration Assessments
  • Conifer Species Mapping
  • Forest Health (e.g. Root Rot,
  • Beetle Attack)
  • Gap Assessments &
  • Crown Closure