CASI-1500 Purchased by ASTI & University of Philippines

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Calgary, August 9, 2013 – High-resolution hyperspectral VNIR (Visible to Near-Infrared) mapping capability has been added to a national Philippine Lidar-based 3D mapping initiative. ITRES has delivered a hyperspectral CASI-1500 imager and provided on-site system training to ASTI (Advanced Science and Technology Institute) and the University of Philippines. This high-performance imager will provide information-rich image layers to this initiative’s terrain mapping capability.

The University of Philippines’ Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation (DREAM) program was established to topographically map the country’s 22 major river basins and develop high-resolution elevation data for flood disaster mitigation modeling using Lidar.

Adding high resolution airborne hyperspectral data from the CASI to the centimetre-level topographic data derived from Lidar provides an information-rich set of image layers to augment this program’s data visualization needs. Among other capabilities of this imager, vegetation cover (land, shore, and aquatic) may be mapped and characterized in detail. A programmable imager sensitive to spectral wavelengths between 380-1050nm, the CASI-1500 provides spatial resolutions between 20cm and 1.5m. Reflected light is measured using 10’s to 100’s of sampling points to enable detailed spectral “signatures” to be analyzed.

CASI-Lidar data fusion can take three forms: 1) simultaneous data collection; 2) input of a pre-existing Lidar DEM to the CASI for orthocorrection when its optional in-flight processing system is used; or           3) 3D terrain/cover modelling and data visualization via hyperspectral drapes over Lidar data.


ITRES is a leading-edge technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and use of hyperspectral airborne sensors. ITRES offers sensor systems that cover visible-near-infrared, shortwave infrared, midwave infrared, and thermal infrared wavelengths. Services include providing airborne hyperspectral imaging for defense & humanitarian applications, and environmental and commercial mapping applications in forestry, agriculture, wetlands, water quality, coastal zone, mineralogy, geology, heat loss, wildfire mapping, and search and rescue.


The Advanced Science and Technology Institute is part of the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippine government. Established in 1987, ASTI is mandated to conduct scientific research and development in the fields of Information and Communications Technology, microelectronics, and biotechnology towards strengthening Philippine science and technology infrastructure.

About the University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines is the country’s national university, established in 1908. With an enrollment of nearly 52,000 students, UP offers 246 undergraduate degree programs, 362 graduate degree programs, and several centers of research distributed through 15 campuses in the archipelago.



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