• Bare soil, moisture content, growth stage
  • Chlorophyll/nitrogen content, leaf brown pigment, LAI
  • Disease, stress mapping
  • Crop species delineation

Wildfire Mapping

Search and Rescue / Emergency Response

  • Forest fire thermal mapping
  • Hotspot mapping
  • Oil slick mapping
  • Sea/land search and rescue


  • Change detection, invasive species
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Environmental assessments

Water Quality

  • Chlorophyll, total suspended solids
  • Pollution presence, identity, & distribution
  • Thermal mixing

Baseline Coastal Survey

Large-scale hyperspectral mapping of Mobile Bay coastal vegetation communities for analysis & classification


  • Image orthorectification
  • Data visualization/modeling
  • Hydrology mapping


  • Yield inventory
  • Stem counts/density/canopy closure
  • Disease management/mapping

Defense and Target Detection

  • Surface and buried landmine detection
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

Wetlands Mapping

Using hyperspectral to identify and map Purple Loosestrife communities in Michigan

Geology, Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Pipeline corridor mapping
  • Buried pipeline delineation/pipeline leakage
  • Mineral composition
  • Stratigraphy, structural geology

Thermal Anomalies

  • Building/infrastructure heat loss mapping
  • Burning coal seam mapping
  • Emergency response
  • Vulcanology – lava domes, flows, geothermal fields
  • Snow and ice studies