ITRES, The longest-established commercial company of its kind,
manufactures, sells, supports, and operates high-performance airborne
hyperspectral and thermal imaging systems.

Performance Hyperspectral



The CASI-1500 is a visible near Infrared (VNIR) sensor which offers an impressive 1500 pixels across its field of view, allowing you to image a vast area with a single pass, or achieve spatial resolutions as high as 25 cm using a standard fixed-wing aircraft.


The finest hyperspectral SWIR imaging system available today, ITRES’ SASI-1000A offers 100 bands of low noise, high fidelity imagery over the short-wave infrared spectrum. The custom precision optics provide perfect focus across the entire spectrum.


The MASI-600 is the first commercially available Midwave hyperspectral sensor designed specifically for airborne use. As with all of our sensors, the MASI-600 has custom designed optics which provide extremely sharp imagery and precise spectral resolution.


The TASI-600 is the only commercially available pushbroom hyperspectral thermal sensor system designed specifically for airborne use (to the best of our knowledge). Available with 32 spectral channels.

Performance Thermal

UAV / Ground


The TABI-1800 is a thermal broadband imager which follows the same philosophy as the TABI-320 while offering new technologies which improve sensitivity and increase the swath from 320 pixels to 1800 pixels.


The TSR-1800’s automated thermal anomaly detection is made possible by the TABI imager’s high temperature and spatial resolution capabilities. Flying low (~500 m or 1627 feet above ground level) achieves a small ground footprint (20 cm) for each pixel. Flying 150 m or 488’ AGL leads to 6 cm pixels.


Small form factor, 288 channel, programmable, ?VNIR1920 wide array hyperspectral pushbroom VNIR imager
Portable Air/Ground Hyperspectral VNIR
Self-Contained Camera & Data Recording
Custom Fore-Optics Available
Easy Lidar Integration
Remote Operation via R/F Link or Autonomous via Waypoints


Small form factor, broadband, wide array, pushframe thermal imager
Custom Fore-Optics Available
High Thermal Resolution
Wide Speed Range, Ultra-High Spatial Resolution
Internal Blackbody Calibration Source
Optional GPS/IMU
Easy Lidar Integration
Remote Operation via R/F Link or Autonomous via Waypoints

TSR-1800: Automated Airborne Thermal Search and Rescue Detection

land and sea v5

Hyperspectral & Thermal Applications

Whether interested in conducting your own hyperspectral and/or thermal surveys or having
us collect the data for you, this page provides you with just a few ideas of the range of uses
that our high-performance airborne imagers are suitable for.

Geology, Mining Oil & Gas Exploration

Thermal Anomalies

Thermal Anomalies